Participant profile

Who can participate?

  • adults and minors (accompanied by a parent or legal guardian)
  • individuals with symptoms of respiratory tract infection, such as cough, runny nose, feeling unwell, sore throat, headache, muscle pain, etc.
  • individuals without symptoms of respiratory tract infection


  • individuals currently or recently (within the past 30 days) receiving experimental biologic drugs, including treatment or therapy
  • individuals who have received an intranasal vaccine for Influenza type A within the last 3 days prior to swabbing
  • individuals who have eaten, drank, or smoked within 10 minutes before the immediate collection of biological material
  • individuals diagnosed with hemophilia – to eliminate the risk of nosebleeds

How to become a participant?

  1. Please review the following:

  2. Reach out to us through any of the following methods:
    • Fill out the contact form under the Contact tab on this website
    • E-mail us at[email protected] oraz
    • Call us at +48 506 980 178
      Our personnel will answer any additional questions you may have that are not covered in the Participant Information Guide.

We will propose a convenient collection date within our available hours (Monday-Friday, 07:25 – 10:00) and ask you to visit our laboratory at the appointed time.

Our address is:

Pure Clinical Lab Network
Maurycego Mochnackiego 2
76-200 Słupsk

Once you’ve filled out the necessary paperwork, the staff will guide you to have your blood drawn.

What will you receive?

By donating your biological material (nasopharyngeal swab), you will receive a package of free test results, including:

  • SARS-CoV-2
  • RSV
  • Influenza type A and type B

The collected material will be tested on the same day, and we will promptly provide you with the test results. You can expect to receive the results securely via e-mail or you can choose to collect them in person at the laboratory.

Potential risks of testing:

After the swab, a potential issue is minor damage to the nasal mucosa, which may cause temporary bleeding from the nose.

If bleeding occurs, tilt your head slightly forward to allow the blood to flow outward.

You can apply a cold compress to the root of the nose or neck and gently press the wings of the nose with your fingers.

Collection takes a few moments and a properly collected swab looks as follows:

Your rights

Your participation in the project, as well as the collection and processing of your personal data, is based on your fully voluntary and informed consent.

You have the right not to consent to participate in the project, as well as the collection and processing of your personal data at any stage.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to participate in the project at any time. If you choose to withdraw your consent, it will result in the destruction of your biological material and the cessation of personal-medical data processing.

You have the right to access and rectify your data.

We respect your right to privacy and confidentiality. We have implemented appropriate measures and internal procedures to safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of your data.

You have the right not to know the results of the tests. You have the right to be fully informed about the type of collected material and the method of its collection.

If you suspect that your personal data is being processed in violation of the law or there has been a violation of data processing, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the President of Personal Data Protection Office.