Contribute to our biobank
by donating your biological samples

Join our community of biobank participants and donate your biological sample. By voluntarily taking part in our biobanking campaign, you play a crucial role in advancing medical science. As a participant, you'll also have the opportunity to receive free research results from specific projects. Our research paves the way for the future!

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What types of biological samples does the biobank collect?


Whole blood


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The samples are carefully secured with individual codes assigned prior to collection. Before proceeding with the donation, participants are required to read the information package and complete the necessary documents, including:

  • informed consent form
  • questionnaire
  • consent for the processing of personal data
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How are the samples collected?

The sample collection process is simple and similar to experiences you may have had before, such as blood tests or COVID tests. Furthermore, you will receive comprehensive support and informative guidance throughout. Here is a simple breakdown of the collection procedure:

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Make an appointment

Contact us, and we will promptly provide you with detailed instructions and arrange a convenient date for sample collection.

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Sample collection

Depending on the specific sample being collected, you may be provided with instructions, such as overnight fasting. On the scheduled date, our team will guide you through the process and collect the required samples, such as blood or swabs.

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We securely store your biological material in a carefully controlled environment, ensuring its quality for future scientific research purposes.

Discover our ongoing research projects

We conduct a wide range of tests as part of specific research projects for clients in the medical industry and related institutions. By participating in these tests, you can receive research results for free while contributing towards a greater goal. Review the list of our ongoing projects to learn more.

Current projects

Pure Clinical

There's a reason behind the names of our affiliated companies. Pure Clinical Lab Network emerged in response to the high demand in the market and the needs of Pure Clinical's customers. We have leveraged this opportunity to advance our capabilities in laboratory testing, biobanking, and medical devices. Each company employs a dedicated team of experts, specialists, and passionate individuals who excel in their respective fields.


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